We're a digital publisher.

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We're ZX Digital, we blend technology, design & digital marketing to create awesome digital experiences.


Save money.

Our flagship money saving website NetVoucherCodes.co.uk welcomes over 450,000 visitors a month and generates over £78 million in sales per year.


Parenting community.

Our ParentBible Facebook community has an active audience of over 540,000 UK Mums and Dads.


We're not a traditional digital agency

At ZX we create and publish everything in house. From our partnerships team through to content, SEO, digital marketing, design & development - we take great pride in everything we create.

Who we are

Founded in 2006, ZX Digital quickly grew into one of the UK’s top affiliate publishers generating annual sales in excess of £78 million for our partners.

Our philosophy

We are always innovating. By focusing on cutting edge technology this enables us to make our publications stand out from the crowd.

How we work

Working on a CPA basis (a paid-on-performance model) we flex our creative muscles which enables us to compete in a highly competitive market.